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February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day at the park

What better way to spend a beautiful California day in February than with your Valentine in the park! Unless, of course, it's on a swing!

....or a slide!

Look at that crazy hair from the static electricity!

Our big girl can climb up on the play equipment all by herself now! This leaves mommy's hands free for other things -- like holding a camera!

Mostly, we had the whole park to ourselves. But a nice Grandpa showed up with is baby granddaughter and their cute little dog.

Gwen was pretty excited about sharing the park with the doggy until she heard him bark!

This is her face as she beheld (perhaps for the first time?) that such a noise could come from such a cute little furry critter!

And here's the furry critter!

After the doggy left, we were alone again and Gwen went on a pine cone hunting expedition. She sure does like pine cones. Afterwards, we sat and talked about her treasures. Here she is telling me about her pine cone (in her right hand) and her little piece of bark (in her left hand).

This expression is cute because it's so similar to a picture I have of her brother, Michael. Check out the picture, below, to see what I mean!

This is an old picture of Michael. He was five years old. But it's so similar to the picture above.

I have the cutest kids! :)


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