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January 25, 2006

Doctor visit yesterday, Social Security office today

Gwen went to the Doctor yesterday. Thankfully, she didn't remember her last visit there and she was super cheerful and happy -- at least for a little while.

We wanted our Doctor to look at her legs. She seems a big bow-legged to us and that could be a sign of rickets which are not uncommon to Chinese adopted children. Usually a good diet with plenty of vitamin D is all that's needed to correct the problem. Well, Gwen doesn't really have that problem it just seemed to us as if she did because she is a little bit pigeon-toed. The Doctor called it "in-toeing". He said it's just a mild case and she may or may not outgrow it but it shouldn't pose a problem. He also reassured us that her frequent (but not constant) toe walking isn't anything to worry about either since there's no sign of neurological damage and she's on track in all other ways.

Next, we talked about poop. Specifically super smelly poop and (potential) parasites. I've been somewhat worried since talking to friends who casually commented that they could sleep with their Diaper Genie right next to their bed. We can't even have our Diaper Genie in the same house with us! So just before her nap, I had the more-grim-than-anticipated task of spooning doo-doo out of her diaper into little containers.

Lastly, we talked about her immunizations. Last time we visited the Dr, we tried to draw blood and after too many minutes of baby torture consisting of multiple stabs and jabs and digs from two different lab tech's (while mommy and daddy used all our strength to try to get her to hold still), we gave up. It just wasn't worth it. So, we're repeating all of her shots. She got four yesterday: DTaP, IPV, MMR and PCV7. It was all over in less than 30 seconds and she screamed her heart out but immediately recovered as soon as the nurse produced a Sponge Bob Square Pants sticker. All in all, it was MUCH easier on her (and me!) than trying to draw blood again. She has more to go but I'm not dreading it like I was the blood drawing. Besides, there was every chance that she'd need to repeat the shots anyway since another family who adopted from her SWI had bloodwork that confirmed that the shots their baby got there were no good.

Gwen is exactly 19 months old today. She weighs 24 pounds and is 31.5 inches tall.

We went to the Social Security Office and applied for her SS#. For anyone who's curious, here are the documents we needed: Her Chinese passport, our passports, our adoption certificate, the notarized translations of her Chinese birth certificate and adoption certificate and her Citizenship certificate. Only one parent needs to be there (Andrew is in Los Angeles giving a talk at UCLA today). All in all, it was pretty painless! We'll have her SS# in two weeks.


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