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December 05, 2005

Pine cones

Today is the three month anniversary of Gwenny's Gotcha day. To celebrate, we took a walk outside in the cool December sunshine, crunched through the fallen leaves and collected pine cones. Then we came inside and shared a pudding snack.

She's 17.5 months old and about 24 pounds. She wears size 18 month tops and size 12 month pants. Her shoe size is a 5.

We've had some exciting developments this past month. Gwen is becoming more verbal and recently started responding to our questions with "yes" and "no". This is a giant communication milestone! She's still not very talkative but in addition to Yes and No (and the appropriate head nod for each), she can say "again" and "on". For example, she'll bring me her shoe and say "on". She likes it when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and she'll say "again" every time we come to the end. She's also started repeating something that sounds very much like "uppa buv the" as in Up above the world so high....

She's very social and greets everyone (and every thing!) with a big smile and a very enthusiastic "Hi!". She understands just about everything we say and will cheerfully comply with simple requests but doesn't show much interest in calling things or people by their names.

I'm predicting that we'll see her verbal skills improve tenfold in the next month.


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