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December 09, 2005

How many Research Scientists does it take to teach a baby to count to five?

Tonight, our friends Kevin and Jan came bearing gifts of Gourmet Mandarin Cuisine from the Mandarin Gourmet. We ate until we couldn't manage another bite and then we threw in a slab of German chocolate cake just to prove that we're not wimps.

While Jan and I chatted, Gwendolyn entertained the men with her newest toy, the Leapfrog Learning Playground. Through touch and sound, it teaches the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1 through 5, and colors and shapes. It does some other stuff too and she's pretty impressed with it!

In the picture, above, she's pointing out to Kevin and Daddy where the "O" is. Even though there are twenty six letters to choose from, she likes that letter the best and shows her loyalty by ignoring all of the others. We've been serenaded for hours by her toy enthusiastically announcing "O -- O -- O O -- O -- O O O" in a lovely melodic monotone female voice. It would have been unbearable were it not for her big brother's selfless effort to introduces some variety by coming along, periodically, and spelling out P O O P.

As if we don't already have enough of *that* around this place!


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