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December 16, 2005

Gwen is talking....maybe

This morning, Gwenny pointed at her baby dolls and said "b'dolls!" Then, as if to convince me that it wasn't just a fluke, she said it again two more times.

Later this afternoon, while I was throwing clothes in the dryer, she was a few feet away at the baby gate and when I peeked around the corner to see what she was up to, she saw me and announced "Hi Mama!"

So, she's added a few words to her very limited vocabulary of "baby", "again" and "No! No! No! No!"

She's also been pointing at everything and saying "spurdity!" for about a month and we assumed it was baby babble but finally figured out that she's saying "It's pretty!"

She won't really repeat any of this on command. I wonder if it really counts as speech if she won't use it regularly. Most of the time, she communicates by pointing and grunting or answering yes/no questions with "okay" or "no" and the appropriate head nod. All in all, I think it's pretty amazing for a child who's only been hearing English for just a little bit more than 3 months.

Even though she's not speaking much, she does seem to understand everything we say to her. We were coming home in the car last night and it was dark and I was a little bit concerned that she was falling asleep so I put my hand in the back seat and tried to touch her and determine if I was touching a sleeping child. It was useless so I simply asked her to touch mommy's hand and, sure enough, she did! Then she giggled. My darling girl amazes me every day.


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