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December 03, 2005

Developmental milestones

(Andrew posting) There are a lot of firsts in a young girl's life, but I think anybody's list of the top five would include first steps, first words, and first bite of marmite. Gwendolyn completed her triple crown today, eating a tiny bite of Daddy's marmite sandwich and coming back several times for more.

(Donna posting) Many people are asking what the heck Marmite is so I’ll do my best to explain and hopefully not offend any of my in-laws in the process. Andrew was born in England and Marmite is a savory treat Brits are trained to enjoy by being forced to ingest it as small children. It’s a concentrated paste of yeast, carrot, salt and onion. It looks like tar and smells like bullion with a vitamin smashed into it. You’re supposed to spread it very thinly on toast or dissolve it in hot water and drink it. Personally, I think it’s pretty nasty. Andrew considers peanut butter to be the American equivalent of Marmite and won’t go near the stuff. Naturally, I wasted no time introducing Gwen to the many joys of a PB&J sandwich so he had to whip out the Marmite just to keep everything equal.

So far, she loves peanut butter AND she loves Marmite. The perfect blend of everyone’s culture! That’s our girl!


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