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November 12, 2005

Two men and a baby

How long to win Gwen's affection?

Mommy = 2 days
Daddy = 2 weeks
Uncle Chris = 2 seconds!!


Every day, Gwen seems to grow more and more secure in our relationship. In the early days, she seemed constantly worried that anyone who picked her up might be trying to take her away from us. Now she's more comfortable with strangers. Not everyone! But some people just seem to immediately hit it off with her. Uncle Chris is one such person.

Uncle Chris (Andrew's brother) came to visit this weekend. It was his first time meeting Gwen but you'd never know it by her! As soon as she saw him, her face lit up and she reached out for him to pick her up. Maybe he looks like Daddy? Whatever the cause, she's really attached to her Uncle Chris and demands his full attention whenever he's within sight. Daddy is a super-favorite too so she's conflicted over which one will hold her. Where does Mommy rank in this? Hmmmm... I think I'm down there with Chopped Liver but that's okay. I got to go shopping ALONE today and Gwen had these two handsome men all to herself for several hours! Gwen was a happy girl -- and so was Mommy!

Here are some other pictures of Gwen and Uncle Chris. In the first one, Gwen is looking at the picture of herself in Uncle Chris's camera. She loves to smile for the camera then look at the result on the back of the camera.


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