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November 27, 2005

The many faces of Gwendolyn!

The Many Faces of Gwendolyn Claire!

This would be the happy face! We're lucky that this face (or a close variation) is the one we see most of the time.

This is Gwen's Monkey Face!

We first saw this face in China. It really stood out as one of her very unique expressions! We call this her monkey face because she makes monkey sounds when she wears this expression!

This would be the NOT so happy face! . In this instance, she's unhappy because I'm holding the camera instead of her!

This face I can resist but her super dooper unhappy face is so heart-melting that I can't bring myself to take a picture of it. That quivering lower lip is just too much!

Here's Gwen's smug expression! She whips this out out pretty often! It's her way of saying "Keep amusing me!"

This is Gwen's Giggle Face! She has the most adorable giggle! Usually brought on by something ridiculous Daddy is doing!

Gwen's Ah Ha face! If you ask her where the kitty is (or anything else), she'll look around until she finds it and then she'll turn to you with this face.

This face means: Wow! Here's the super amazing thing you asked me to find!

The Hiccup Face! . This level of enthusiasm almost always results in a serious case of the hiccups! She's just hysterically happy and can't put a lid on her joy!

The super rare "Messy Face".

Mommy and Daddy really need to see this face more often! This is just the 2nd time we've let our little cutie feed herself. She's a really neat/tidy eater so it's hard to hand over the spoon and and let her make a giant mess of everything. But that's how she'll learn to feed herself so we plan to let this face show itself much more often!

There are so many other faces of our Dear Gwenny but these are the most common.


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