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19 posts from November 2005

November 08, 2005

Goodbye, my sweet friend

Dearest Blue,

It's been so good to share my life with you for nearly 12 years. You've given me your unconditional love and I'll will miss your beautiful face and your gentle company.

We will never forget you. I hope you're curled up on Nanna's lap in heaven right now.

Sleep well my angel kitty. I will love you and miss you forever.

November 05, 2005

A few thoughts about being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

I spend 19 hours per day with Gwendolyn. I used to spend 10 to 12 hours per day at my old job. Gwen is much cuter than my old boss but much harder to work for!

Daddy has Gwen from 8 to 9 am and 8 to 9 pm and Gwen takes a three hour nap. That's 5 hours. The other 19 hours, she's with me! But I'm not complaining! She's adorable and we really are having fun even though I've never worked so hard in my life! Funny thing is, I've never considered myself to be the SAHM type.

I went back to work 8 weeks after my son was born and didn't regret it. I was blessed to have wonderful day care and his first day care provider remains my very good friend all these years later. In fact, she was one of our adoption references! (Hi Denise!!)

I've worked outside the home since I was 17. I finished HS early and did all of my college while working full time. I've been a court reporter and a pilot, a US Army commissioned officer, a counselor/social worker and a deputy sheriff. But the most amazing job title I've ever held was "full time mom". I know not every mom can afford this luxury (and I'm not being critical of those who can't) but I'm really feeling blessed that we can.

Recently, Gwen fell asleep in a plastic bin containing a bunch of her toys. I loved sitting right there next to her and watching her do this! One second she was playing contently and the next, she was fast asleep! And I had the privilege of seeing her transition from one blissful state to the other with my own eyes! It might not seem like much but these are moments that I missed with my son (now age 17) and I know I can't ever have that time back. But I have it now and I'm thrilled even though I sometimes get tired of baby games and babble and grow lonely for the company of my adult friends. My other China adoption pals are my lifeline to the outside world and I thank all of you so much for being here for me! Both here in cyber land and also in the real world outside! I'm blessed to know you and I'm so excited to know that our babies will grow up together!

November 04, 2005

Two months after Gotcha....

We've had Gwendolyn for two months now! She's such an amazingly happy little girl! I wish I could take some credit for that but much of it must be due to her good genes and the care she got at the Shenzhen SWI. She's just happy!

This isn't to say that her diapers smell like strawberries and cream or her disposition is always cheerful. But she owns our heart and even the stressful things about her just endear her to us more!

After our three pregnancy losses and the river of tears that I often feared would never stop flowing, the universe seems to have made it all up to us. I didn't expect that it was possible (and didn't even think it should be!) but this baby girl really and truly makes all of that other stuff worth it.

I am blessed and honored to take care of Gwen's needs. Babies grow up and they don't need us forever. Right now, I can solve all of her problems with a hug (and perhaps a cookie too). In ten years, it will be trickier!

Two months down, 213 more to go until college! :)

November 02, 2005

Sweet Dreams!

When it's nap time, nothing gets in this little girls way!

Lately, one of Gwen's favorite things to do is dump out the plastic bin of toys and crawl into it. There, she'll merrily play while Mommy steals a few minutes on the computer.

Today, it was nearly nap time and Mommy was curious how her little sleeping beauty might fall asleep without the usual mid-day ride home (from the playground) in the car.

Well.... here's the answer!

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