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November 11, 2005

Our newest sleeping arrangements

As you know, Gwen climbed out of her crib soon after we came home. So we dropped the mattress to the floor and that foiled her escape plans but she found an even more clever way to get out of her crib before morning --- Screaming her pretty little head off!

About 4:00 AM, she wakes up and absolutely detests her crib. Nothing puts her back to sleep except getting every bit of her body on TOP of Mommy. Then, just as soon as she falls back to sleep, she rolls off and kicks and spins perfect prone cartwheels using anything her feet can find (my face or my left breast, for example) for leverage. She wakes up all rested and adorable and I get up looking like I've been in a fist fight!

So we've been experimenting with different types of crib/bed arrangements and this one seems to be working pretty well!

She loves her crib (until 4:00 am, remember?) and really seems to want to put her feet on the rails. I think that's why she was doing all of that spinning when I put her in bed with me. She was looking (with her feet) for the rails of the crib.

Now, she sleeps in her crib and when she wakes up in the middle of the night and wants Mommy, I can come to her room and lay down and be close enough that she'll actually stay on her own side! That long skinny white pillow was a gem of a purchase from Target. It keeps her from rolling to my side and protects me from nocturnal assaults but is low enough that she isn't threatened by it.

So far so good! We're all getting our beauty sleep! :)


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