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October 06, 2005


Hey! Look who can almost feed herself! And all of this enthusiasm is for Gerber Beef and Vegetables. Gwen really won't eat anything else. We've tried lots of other varieties (including homemade stuff) and she won't have it. So it's Beef and Vegetable mush for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yummmmm!

Just in case there's a nutritionist reading this, let me also mention that she still appreciates her formula and our pediatrician said she's getting plenty of nutrition from that. And she also likes yogurt. The only other thing we've found that she'll eat is "Joe's Special" from the local diner. But how often can we get that? Still, it gives us hope that she'll not be eating jars of Gerber beef and veggie when we send her off to college!

By the way, has anyone stopped to consider that these Monkey Year kids go to college in fall of 2022? My gosh that seems like a long way away!


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