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October 14, 2005


Gwen's been really verbal, ever since our first day together. But her words have clearly been babble even though she occasionally got lucky and something came out that sounded like an English word. She's always been great at mimicking what we do but never showed much interest in parroting what we say.... until today.

For the first time, she clearly said BABY! She's never said that before and it was very well enunciated so there was no question that she said it. She was so proud of herself and chanted it over and over again: "BABY! BABE-EY! BAY-BEE! BEE BEE!"

When Daddy came home, we told him about Gwen's accomplishment and she demonstrated her new talent. Then we pushed our luck and encouraged her to say "Daddy" and she did! "DA-DEE!".

She's 11 days shy of 16 months old so it's not unusual that she's talking. But it feels like a wonderful milestone anyway!

Updates: 10/15/05: This morning, she picked up her lovey and said "LUV-EE!" Then she flashed a toothy grin and shoved the lovey in her mouth! ("lovey" is a washcloth)


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