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June 29, 2005

What's in a diaper bag?

Instead of a Diaper Bag, it was recommended that we get a good quality backpack. We found this one at Target. It's medium sized with good shoulder support, lots of pockets, a waist strap and also features nifty little nooses to hang various plush toys from.

Why a backpack? Well, when you're lugging around a 20 pound infant, you can't have too many free hands, right?!

Here's what's inside (clockwise from upper left)
(Fat white kitty not included)

  1. One bottle of water for making formula
  2. Sipper cup for mom (with two packs of Crystal Light Raspberry mix)
  3. Five Huggies diapers
  4. Two disposable changing pads
  5. One travel size package of wipes
  6. "Duck" thingy with bags to put soiled diapers in
  7. One tube of Vaseline
  8. Two plush toys (that hang from little "nooses" on the front of the bag)
  9. One package of Gerber Graduates Mini-Fruits
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Key(s)
  12. Plastic pouch containing tweezers, emery board, chapstick, hair bands,
    disinfectant wipes, mirror, bandaides and pill container with Advil, etc.
  13. Pen
  14. Thermometer
  15. Passport(s)
  16. Wallet
  17. Digital Camera
  18. Zone bar (snack for mom and dad)
  19. Small hairbrush
  20. Baby nail clippers
  21. Insulated "bottle bag" (containing items 22 through 29)
  22. One pretzel shaped teething ring with pacifier clip to hold it (instead of a pacifier)
  23. Vinyl bib
  24. Three single serving sized pouches of powdered soy-based baby formula
  25. Playtex nurser (bottle) with small bottle of juice inside.
  26. Small sippy cup with another small bottle of juice inside
  27. Five disposable adhesive placemats
  28. Three disposable baby spoons
  29. One small covered container with suction bottom
  30. One gallon sized ziploc bag containing items 31 through 34
  31. Light green receiving blanket
  32. One pair of pink socks with non-slip soles
  33. One pair of pink lightweight pants
  34. One "onesie"
  35. One lightweight baby sweater for those hot days when the air-conditioning is up full blast!
  36. One terrycloth/velcro shopping cart handle cover.

And there was still enough room for a lightweight sweater for Mommy!

    I should point out that we don't intend to carry the large backpack everywhere we go. It's just for the China trip and other trips we take without a car.
      For everything else, I've found this wonderful bag on the left. It's made by "Ameribag" and it's from their "Healthy Back" line. My back is fine (and I'd sorta like to keep it that way) but this bag has features that make it stand out from all of the others.
      * It had a non-slip grip underside to the shoulder strap so it won't fall off your shoulder.
      * It's amazingly well made (you might expect that for $60)
        * I has lots of pockets inside and out so everything has its place and you don't have to hunt things down.
        The "small" size is large enough to carry two diapers, a disposable changing pad, a small container of baby wipes, a small tube of vaseline, a baby sweater, a lightweight sweater for Mommy, a wallet, a pair of sunglasses, keys, a small makeup pouch, a pen and notepad, a bib, disposable placemat, package of tissues, sippy cup, a couple of teething toys and still have room to spare.
          I'm enthusiastically recommending it to anyone with a kid. It's' sleek and elegant and nice enough to carry all the time! Since it's a "sling" bag, it's over your shoulder and the bulk of the weight is behind you. That way, you can carry your baby and not worry about the bag getting in the way. I did lots of research and nothing even comes close to this bag.


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